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The Christmas Gem Boost 2018


It’s that time of the year again for the Nine Corporation Christmas Gem Boost and this year the gem boost is active until the 6th of January 2019.

So this year all Nine Corp products bought by Nine Corpers will have the value of 10 times the normal value. It is a very good time for all Nine Corpers to take advantage of the Christmas boost in order to increase their gems abundantly. After all more gems means that you are contributing to Nine Corp and it also means artists are able to use the gems to buy things like beats and recording time. Which is a good thing to remember.

Also if Nine Corpers manage to sell an album they themselves will get 10 times the value of the sold album.

Some of the albums out now and available to buy are: The Awakening by Nine Taurus, Nine Corporation Celebration Album featuring various Nine Music Artists and also the 9Online Album Volume 4.

So come on Nine Corpers get involved.

An Article by Clarity.


Christmas Wish List Now On 9Online

Christmas Wish List copy

So, out today is the eagerly anticipated new Nine Corp Christmas song called¬† “Christmas Wish List”. The song features the recording Artists : Clarity, Nine Taurus, Anne-Marie, Paro, D Darq and Z Canzer. As the title of the song portrays the song is basically about, if you could have anything you wanted for Christmas however big or small what would it be.

The song is produced by Nine Omni and the beat of the song is a non traditional hip hop cross between Soca and Reggaeton.

This is the 5th Christmas song to be released on 9Online, the first ever one was released in the festive season of the year 2014. It has become apparent that Nine Corporation’s Christmas songs have been very well received by all listeners and for me personally; Clarity a Nine Music rap Artist, I hear all the time especially around the festive Christmas season that there are not enough Christmas themed hip hop songs being released. So Nine Corp doing the “Ho Ho Ho” great thing of releasing hip hop Christmas songs is actually filling in a gap in music that should definitely be filled in. And as usual with Nine Corp the new Festive hip hop song “Christmas Wish List” is of a very high standard, easy on the ears with great lyrics, great flow and a very catchy “christmassy” beat.

So it would be completely fair to say that Nine Corp is actually providing a great service particularly to Christmas music by making the statement through music; that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a hip hop Christmas song and in fact if you do it well which Nine Corp always does it is an amazing thing.

After all Christmas is the season of Love; kindness, generosity and good will to all mankind.

So Merry Christmas from Nine Corp and Clarity.

Click here to go to Christmas Wish List.

A Christmas Article by Clarity