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Happy New Year from Nine Corporation


So people 2019 is now here, so it is the perfect time to say to everyone Happy New Year from myself: Clarity and also from everyone in Nine Corporation. We really do hope that 2019 will be a great year for all and also a successful one in business and healthy relationships.

The year got off the a great start will the release of “Remember 2017“. The previous episode of the series, “Remember 2016” was also re-released. It was also a monumental time for The World as it reached it’s 500th post milestone.

One of the biggest events of the year occurred in April, which of course was the debut of “Spring Spark Up“. This online event encouraged people around the globe to take part in the global party. The long awaited “Explorer Episode 1” was released during the “Spring Spark Up” weekend. “War Toons Episode 1” was also re-released during that incredible weekend.

This year has seen the release of the 5th Nine Corp Christmas themed song titled “Christmas wish list” and the song has received compliments from many people, saying that they love the very catchy “Christmassy” beat and also how impressive the song is being both serious in parts but also funny in parts as well. The song is available to hear onĀ 9Online.

I also strongly feel that the song “Numbers” by Nine Taurus released this year should definitely get a huge Big Up. The song has been praised by many for its visuals, its funky beat and its interesting and intriguing lyrical content. A great quote from the song is: “As the world falls apart we do numbers”. The song is showing the world that Nine Corp is rising in its popularity and success. So take notice people because freedom of expression which is what Nine Corp is all about is going to keep on coming.

This year 2018 also saw my self “Clarity” enter into the Journalism division of Nine Corporation ( Who the heck saw that coming) lol. But seriously my move into Journalism personally has been a great new challenge in terms of my creative writing ability. As well as being a new focus for me, it feels amazing to be back involved with Nine Corporation. Contributing to the success of the company which I am a part of and also being rewarded with “Gems”.

Also this year’s “Black Friday” was a great success, seeing an increase in all product units. Plus the JournalistsĀ earned more “Gems” than any other Nine Corper demographic.

December has seen another Christmas Gem boost period, since its conception the Christmas gem boost has been a completely worth while thing to happen. Nine Corpers being able to increase the amount of Gems they are awarded by 10 fold during the Christmas period is such a brilliant incentive to get involved more. It’s a great time to take advantage of that.

This year also saw the biggest “Wonder Weekend” of all time, it being the most successful one to date. “Numbers” was a big reason for this. “Remember 2015” and “Jack B Nesbit” character profile were also released during “Wonder Weekend” which generated a huge surge in web views. People all over the world have been talking about “Numbers” since it was released.

Resting Bitch Face” was released in the early weeks of British Black History Month. Later on that month, the hit song “Nuke The Nazis” was released. Along with the celebration of the previous themed releases, this years Nine Corp Black History Month celebrations was the biggest to date.

As well, this year “The World” has officially dominated Nine Corp News and all of its other brands. The blog has become the number one “NCN” brand in history and is also responsible for Nine Corp reaching new audiences Globally.

Something else for all to look forward to is that “Nine Pictures” will be releasing the newest episode in the “Remember” series called “Remember 2018”. This will be released early in the new year : January 2019. Also, the following has been confirmed.

Clarity – More Than A Logo – 3rd Single
D Darq – Debut Album
Z Canzer – Debut Single
9Online Music Video
Spring Spark Up 2019
Wonder Weekend 2019
Winter Wildness 2019
And much more….

So stick with Nine Corporation everyone because 2019 is going to be another year where Nine Corp smashes it ( In an Artistic way of course).

An Article by Clarity & Nine Taurus.

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