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All About The Ninecorpedia


For those who already know about the Ninecorpedia, the following Article is written with the purpose of reminding you just how useful and informative it is.

For those of you who are not aware about it, Ninecorpedia holds all the information that one wants and needs to know about Nine Corp.

Ninecorpedia as the name suggests is an Encyclopedia strictly and exclusively to the Nine Corporation media company. So everything within Ninecorpedia in terms of information is everything that you need and want to know about the company.

The type of Articles it consists of is an abundance of variation, for instance; information about Nine Corp video games and movies and then information about songs Nine Corp Artists have released.

The Ninecorpedia holds Lists of very useful and interesting facts about the Corporation and these Lists and product listing pages have proved to be the most popular pages in the Ninecorpedia. These lists are updated every year and it has become apparent that people are eager to see who or what has moved on the list. For example the list of Nine Music’s most popular Artists past and present; this particular list is based on unit numbers, Nine Corp world attention, tour coverage, promotion coverage and Internet coverage.

The history of Nine Corporation : If you like many people would like to find out just how Nine Corp actually started, then the Ninecorpedia explains it. The conception of the company in Autumn 1996, then known as Nine Foundation and great facts like the use of tape cassettes used for recording its Artist’s music.

Over the many years that Nine Corp has been going and growing in success and popularity there has been so many things happening with the company. How it has expanded in the services that the company provides, how the number of its members has increased and how the company has matured and evolved. Ninecorpedia provides information about all this in specific and incredibly interesting detail.

It provides information about all of the different Nine Corp Artists, for instance when they first joined or when they were first signed  to Nine Corp. It also gives information about each Artist’s journey of activities with the company, such as songs they have written and released. Plus tracks they have featured on along with fellow Nine Corp Artists. Also how some Artists have branched out and moved into other areas of the company. Like originally being a musical artist and then moving into the Journalism side of Nine corp.

Over the years as Nine Corp has expanded it has gained new Artists and also lost Artists which is typical of business companies. It has gained new; Beat makers, journalists, rappers, writers, visual artists and other types of Creative people. And Ninecorpedia holds all the information about these things which is what makes it such a useful and interesting basis of information, it charts the reality of ups and downs in business.

Nine Corporation also consists of Video games and Ninecorpedia provides a list of Nine Interactive’s most popular Video games with Flip Descent currently at the number one spot. This game was released in 2003 on 9Online and became very popular because of the technical difficulty involved. Where the user has to control Flip as he sky dives into an enemy base whilst dodging obstacles. These games and information about what makes these Video games unique and lots of fun to play is all there to be read in Ninecorpedia.

So with this the tool that Ninecorpedia is providing is; you can find out about fun aspects of the company like games and then you can go on to play these games and experience the fun that they are.

Ninecorpedia is all the information you need to know about Nine Corporation such as the Character franchises which is also an important part of Nine Corp with a total of 24 invented characters that can be seen in Video games, Cartoons, Animated movies and many other formats. Some of these Iconic characters are Flip, Mushroom Ninja, Dre Man and lightno.

Ninecorpedia also has information about Nine Pictures movies, for instance ; “The Hermit” which is Nine Pictures most popular movie. It is about a boy who was bullied as a kid who is now older and wants to exact revenge on those who picked on him. And “Horse Ass” which is a Nine Pictures reality comedy and contains a series of reality sketches featuring Nine Music Artists such as; Symbolic and Nine Taurus. These are two examples of Nine Pictures movies but there is also information about other Movies to be found which is all part and parcel of Ninecorpedia.

An Article by Clarity.

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