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Nine Corp Vision Video VS In My World Video?


When speaking to one of the one journalists, Nine Taurus asked the question Nine Corp Vision video verses In My World Video.

So which one is better? Nine Corp Vision video can be considered the most extravagant due to the complete CGI sets themed in heaven. However the In My World classy mix of CGI and live action has been highly praised.

We know that the video for the song 9Online from the Nine Corporation Celebration Album is currently leading in the video views. However the Nine Corp Vision video VS In My World Video are currently the top Nine Corp music videos of all time, as they have been out a lot longer.

The Nine Corp Vision video has the largest CGI sets of any Nine Corp music video to date. However the In My World music videos is currently the number one all time viewed music video.

Which would you choose?

An article by Brad Lo

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Is It Still Ok To Say Underground Hip Hop


Let us get straight to the point. In this modern world where the major records are diminishing, there are only three now, and everyone is able to access what ever music they want to from a plethora of sources, can we really call any music underground any more.

We have the phenomena where a song with no backing can go viral, and another song can become a global hit without having serious representation on social media. It is a very interesting world.

Back in the day, the underground was known for possessing the greatest music artists, and major record labels would get pressured into signing them only to find they their music never fitted with mainstream audiences. This made the major record labels “contain” underground artists by signing them, and putting them on the shelf, while they focus on more commercially viable music. This ultimately strengthened the global underground music scene as these artists began to turn away from major labels and go their own way.

Social media then empowered underground music artists as they were able to reach their fans directly, stream music to them, and organize their own shows without the help of a major label. This, my friends, is the era we live in today.

So with that in mind, what would underground Hip Hop be in 2019?

An article by Freshface.

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Nine Buys A Copy Of Every Release

Nine Current projects

Nine Taurus stated they he still buys a copy of every Nine Corp release. “I have always done that and I do it to support the community.” Nine added. “I want to thank all the Corpers who do the same as it feeds the same community you are part of in the same way surfing on does.”

Fresh Nine Corpers obviously find this concept new, however they immediately take to the idea as it supports them as part of the community.

Click here to go view all Nine Music release on the Project Listings Nine Music chronologic page.

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Spring Spark Up 2019


This Article is all about this years Nine Corporation; Spring Spark Up. Spring Spark Up as an event is still relatively new because the first one premiered only last year, the 20th of April 2018.

Spring Spark Up is an annual online festival that occurs in the Spring, the whole idea and purpose of it is for it to be a global coming together or if you like a party with Nine Corporation.

This years Spring Spark Up line up featured the Nine Corp artist Z Canzer’s debut single which is titled “A Snake’s Disguise”. The song has great lyrical content with good use of word play and a natural feeling flow. I particularly really like the lyric; “Street wise and eyes that don’t lie became my tour guide to teenage night life”. The reason I do really like it is because as I said the use of word play and flow within it is brilliant. For me the song could definitely be described as “Easy listening” because of the peaceful beat and because of Z Cancer’s consistent smooth flow. The release of this single was the main event of this years Spring Spark Up, because it’s no secret that the first ever single released by an Artist is always going to be a landmark big deal. The song “A Snake’s Disguised” was produced by Nine Taurus and he makes a non credited feature on the track.

The second event from this year’s Spring spark Up was “War Toons episode 2” which is now available on 9Online because it has returned to 9Online. War Toons is an animated Wrestling Series. The Episode 2 version of War Toons introduces new characters such as; Gemini, Dirty Dan and Jack B Nesbit. For me it is definitely a hilarious cartoon, particularly when ‘Psychopath’ turns up in the War Toons battling ring for the first time to fight ‘Pretty boy’ and ‘Pretty Boy’ punches him twice doing absolutely no damage. Then with just one massive punch from ‘Psychopath’; ‘Pretty boy’ is knocked onto the floor. I am really loving the visuals in War Toons episode 2, the visuals for the characters them selves, which is a simple cool cartoon style. And the visuals at the beginning which is a shot of a Nuclear bomb exploding and producing a mushroom cloud. Plus the commentary from Nine Simon and Alan Foley as ‘Fabian King’ and ‘Griffin Noel’ is consistently clever and funny throughout the whole episode.

Spring Spark Up is proving to be a great success with everybody and this is evident through the fact that this year’s one has received more views by people being interested in it than last years.

This year’s Spring Spark Up also featured the release of the Spring spark Up Show. Spring Spark Up Show is an Audio feature where Nine Corp invites everyone listening to log on and join the party Online with people all over the world. The show features a mix of all the current Nine Music tracks such as “Resting Bitch Face” and “9Online” ( Entertainment at its prime). And the song “Nuke the Nazis” which without question has very powerful deep lyrics and is thought provoking with a strong straight to the point message. There is also great use of Up to date modern Nine Music mixes as well as retro mixes and unconventional instrument sounds along with the hip hop music like the use of Bagpipes which is different but it does work. It also has great visuals accompanying the music such as an amazing shot of a guy doing a style of break dancing that I have definitely not seen before. Also there is a visual segment of a man on a beach doing crazy somersaults and back flips. And the “Spring Spark Up” image itself which is on screen for the majority of the time the Nine music is playing is very professional.

Spring Spark Up 2019.

An Article by Clarity.

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