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2019 Wonder Weekend Round Up


Another fantastic Wonder Weekend has been completed, and despite the name of the song that Nine Taurus released that weekend, the rumour mill has been running wild. But before we get into that, lets have a run down on what happened during the epic 2019 Wonder Weekend.

Wonder Weekend Started off with the release of a new Nine Taurus song, titled Rumours. The song addressed a lot of the rumours that have been circulating about him for years, and contains many attacks on the people creating them.

Then there was a big announcement that Remember 2014 will be released in November. This is the first time there has been a big announcement during Wonder Weekend as the Remember series is a hit and each episode has been eagerly anticipated.

The second release was a trip down memory lane with 3 retro wallpaper downloads. The images were of Nine Taurus, Cuthbert 80 (then Dark Horse) and Clarity, and they date back to the Second Generation. The images were originally released back in the days of the 9Online monthly era, where there were new releases every month on the platform.

The third release was another song by Nine Taurus, titled Caste, which was the first time 2 songs had been released during Wonder Weekend. The song, which is fairly controversial, as it challenges views on identity.

And lastly, which caught everyone by surprise, it was announced that Nine Taurus will release We Don’t Sell Our Bums as the second single from his third album The Awakening. Many was not expecting this and have wondered why Nine has taken such a long time to release another song from the album.

The rumour is that Nine Taurus is about to start the promotion of The Awakening, 3 years after the album was released. Many have stated that it is because the units and views have started to go down.

Another rumour is that the instrumentals used on the 2 new songs were 2 of the oldest in the Nine Anthems catalogue, some say they date back to 2004. There has been no confirmation of this.

The major rumour of that weekend is that apparently Remember 2014 was supposed to be released at Wonder Weekend, but was delayed. If that was the case, then this Wonder Weekend would have been the biggest yet, and maybe the biggest of all time.

Either way, this was an epic Wonder Weekend, and it seems then next few month will be great, so stay logged on.

An article by Brad Lo