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We Don’t Sell Our Bums Reaction


Since the release of We Don’t Sell Our Bums and the cover video, there has been a huge amount comments swirling around. Some have praised the song and others have criticised it. One thing for sure, it is one of Nine Taurus most controversial singles he has ever released.

Anyone who owns The Awakening is familiar with how blunt the song is, but many heard it for the first time when it was launched on 9Online last weekend, and it has blown those people’s minds. Some have asked who the song is directed at and why it was made, while others have said that it was about time someone made a song like this.

The cover video has become a huge talking point. Many voiced that it is too extreme and some have said that it was not extreme enough. It is definitely the most compelling cover video ever on 9Online.

It is very curious as to why Nine Taurus has released this song nearly 3 years after the release of his 3rd album, The Awakening. Could it be technical delays or was it really just great planning, as attention for the The Awakening has increased significantly since the release of We Don’t Sell Our Bums.

Either way, the song is a certified hit. Click here to listen to We Don’t Sell Our Bums.

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