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600th Article On The World

600thPost Jan 20

The World has reached another milestone today as this is the 600th post. The World is the number 1 destination for Nine Corporation news. Since April 16th 2013 The World has been providing news, exclusives, rumours and gossip that has kept audiences hooked.

The entire World team would like to thank everyone for supporting The World over the last 600 articles.

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Remember Series Release Dates


Nine Pictures has just announced that Remember 2015 will be re-released on the 5th of January starting the 2020 Remember season.

The following Sunday, Remember 2016 and Remember 2017 will be re-released. On the 19th of January Remember 2018 will be re-released.

Then the brand-new episode Remember 2019 will be released on the 26th of January. This will be the first new Nine Corp release of the decade.

You can still watch Remember 2014 on 9Online now.


Happy New Year!

happy new year 2015

The Nine Corporation would like to wish everyone a happy new year, and a happy new decade.

It has been a great year and decade. The tradition over the last few years has been to give round up of all of the highlights this year, however, since Remember 2019 will be released later on this month, we can leave the round up for then.

Many great things are planned for this year including

Remember 2019
Femme Fatales (single)
D Darq’s debut album
Anne Maries debut single
Spring Spark Up (Festival)
Wonder Weekend (Festival)

And many more…

The majority of the Remember episodes will be re-released on 9Online in January, so if you have been under a rock for the decade, you will be able to recap on the years from 2014 onward, which is most of the dacade.

So we hope everyone has a happy new year and everyone stays in touch with all of the wonders the Nine Corporation has in store for 2020.