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Wonder Weekend Amazes


With many stating that this is the best Wonder Weekend ever, the 2020 Wonder Weekend has amazed audiences.

The weekend started off with the long awaited Remember 2013, which is acclaimed as the best episode in the series so far. It turns out, that 2013 was a pretty good year for Nine Corporation.

Next was the launch of the first King Feline collectable wallpaper. Although the wallpaper was received well, this was anticipated to be the slowest day of the weekend, until the surprise announcement of the Ninth Wonder Of The World Special Edition 2 (Brolic) and it’s release later this year.

Then the main event was the release of the instant hit Rise Up by Nine Taurus. This inspiring song hit home for so many in this time of uncertainty. The song is destined got for the history books and the hall of fame.

You can still enjoy the incredible Wonder Weekend releases by clicking the below links.

Remember 2013
King Feline Collectable Wallpaper
Rise Up

WhereAmazing-worldbanner copy

The Ninth Wonder Of the World Special Edition 2


Nine Classics has announced that The Ninth Wonder Of The World will have a second special edition released this year.

For all that don’t know, this year is the 20th anniversary of Nine Taurus’s debut Album, The Ninth Wonder Of The World. To commemorate this, Nine Classics will release the second special edition of the album, which it has nicknamed Brolic, that will contain audio additions to improve the listening experience of the classic album.

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