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Brolic Is Out Now

Front Brolic - Copy

It’s finally here, The Ninth Wonder Of The World Special Edition 2 (Brolic) has been released today. You can get this album from any Nine Corper or by contacting Nine Corp via email or social media DMs for a physical or digital copy. Those who pre-ordered will be at the front of the queue as always.

Nine Classics announced that you will be able to hear clips from the album along with dedicated site soon.


The Masterpiece That Is The Awakening


People cannot stop talking about Nine Taurus’s 3rd album, The Awakening, and with momentum not slowing down, it is fast becoming Nine Music’s most successful album of all time.

So how did this happen? The album was released in 2016 and wasn’t promoted much, however, initial reactions affirmed that the album was a classic. Word of mouth spread and interest in the album started to build. It seemed that Nine Taurus had done the impossible, created an album better than Futile Tears. Nine said that for this album, he wanted to celebrate a new beginning in his life and address unanswered questions.

But no one would expect it to turn out the way it did. He’s lyrics, flow, and vocal delivery are on a completely higher level, and his production on the album has produced a timeless sound. This is the reason the album still sounds fresh nearly 5 years after it’s release. Nine Taurus also proved that he is able to effortlessly rap over so many different styles of production, as well as being able to produce them.

The album also answers many questions that have been asked of Nine. Everything from his journey to his currently amazing life, to the tragic depression highlighted on Futile Tears, to the artist he used to work with, all questions were addressed, and the listeners are compelled to join him on the celebration of his new beginning in. The Awakening also contains a lot of controversial content with many people speculating who his lyrics were aimed at.

With every new single release, interest in the album is renewed and it seems to breathe new life into the album. Then with more releases and music videos planned, the wave that The Awakening has created does not seem to be going away any time soon. If anything, it seems that the momentum of the album will increase, and continue to spread globally.

Many have called The Awakening Nine Taurus’s Thriller. It is hard to see why they are wrong about this masterpiece.

An Article By Brad Lo