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Legend Of Nine Brolic

Front Brolic - Copy

Today, the first single from The Ninth Wonder Of The World Special Edition 2 is now playing on 9Online. The Legend Of Nine, which features Cuthbert 80 (then known as Darnell) on the chorus, was a big deal when it was released by Nine Taurus back in the year 2000. Many people have said that the Legend Of Nine is their favourite revamped song from the Special Edition album.

Click here to listen to Legend Of Nine.

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NA Black History Month Celebrations


It’s February again so it is time to recognise the North American Black History Month. Be sure to check out the previous Nine Corp Black History Month themed releases, including the Ganigi wallpapers, and the Flip BHM wallpaper.

Two BHM themed  songs have been re-released on 9Online. Click the below links to enjoy.

Freedom, by D Darq has been re-released on 9Online.
Resting Bitch Face by Nine Taurus (produced by Cally) has been re-released on 9Online.

BHM2017-TheWorldBanner copy