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Remembering The End Of The Great Depression

Memories Mar 28th 21

The Great Depression was a horrible time, but not just for the Nine Corporation, dozens of organisations never recovered from this period. When the Nine Corporation recovered in 2008, it was a special time of hope and promise similar to when it recovered from the Nine Music Crash in the year 2000.

One artist, Lifer, stood out at that time for his energy. He was a new artist and his hunger for music helped the Nine Corporation rebuild from the Great Depression. Money Don’t Come was the first release after Nine Corp returned. Clarity’s sophomore single did will to let audiences know that Nine Corp was back, including the bonus track Our World, which eventually out shone the single. It helped to launch the NM2 sub record label and reminded people why Clarity was a headliner.

The Release The 9Online Album Volume 3 was a big deal as it brought back the vibe and energy that existed just before the Great Depression. All of the new Nine Corpers could see the level that they needed to succeed. This was at a time when the Nine Corporation’s former partner organisations and groups were completely decimated and it looked like Nine Corp was making one last ditch effort to return.

Then 2010 came and all doubt disappeared after a string of monumental releases. War Toons Episode 1 was released on 9Online and smashed previous view records, The Ninth Wonder Of The World Special Edition brought Nine Taurus’s debut album to a new generation and, When He Came Around would propel Cuthbert 80 into Nine Corp stardom.

After that, there was no doubt that Nine Corporation had returned with a vengeance. The following years would see the release of the epic Nine Corporation Celebration Album, and the rest would be history….

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Nine Taurus On Fire During Lockdown


For many, this pandemic has been filled with doom and gloom, and there is no doubt that it has touched everyone. However, the Nine Corporation, and specifically Nine Taurus, has been doing very well during this period.

Although activity has slowed down for most, Nine Taurus has taken this opportunity to remind everyone why he is such a prolific rapper and producer. Other than Christmas Lime, every release in 2020 was a Nine Taurus release. The 3 stand out releases were of course The Real Pandemic, Rise Up, and The Ninth Wonder Of The World Special Edition 2, all of which has helped the Nine Corporation to have a great and productive year.

While the pandemic prevented Nine Corpers from meeting up, and for Nine Music artists to meet up and record, Nine Taurus fully utilized Nomad Studios to produce some classics. Many Nine Corpers have been inspired by these releases and it is speculated that there will be a surge in activity once the lockdown is over.

Click here to listen to The Real Pandemic.
Click here to listen to Rise Up.
Click here to listen to listen to The Ninth Wonder Of The World audio clips.

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Ninecorpedia Fully Big Faced


The Nine Corporation’s very own encyclopedia, the Ninecorpedia, has now officially been big faced.

A few years ago, the Nine corporation began increasing the pixel size of The process was named big face. Many sections were updated accordingly, but now, the Ninecorpedia, which was the last section to be updated, has been completed.

Now, the entirety of has been big faced.

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