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Spring Spark Up Round Up


So that happened. It is evident that people will not stop talking about Spring Spark Up for a long time. Is this the best Spring Spark Up we’ve had so far? Probably, so let go through it.

Spring Spark Up Show

It all kicked off with the show. All fears that the current mix would sound samey was put to rest when we were reminded of exactly what was released last year. Then the announcements came. New singles coming from The Real Anne-Marie and Clarity, and there is a new show coming from Nine Pictures. These are exciting times. Then the retro mix finished the show off which didn’t disappoint.

Kindness Is A Weakness

The second release from the Ninth Wonder Brolic is a smash. For those who do not own the album, this was a welcome surprise when it was announced, and the streams certified the appreciation for this song now ir’s been released. Although the original was released over 20 years ago, this Brolic’d version of the song sounds so fresh.

Ride The Wave

This was the main event, and it lived up to it, or maybe even surpassed it. Ride The Wave has captured the mood of the current times. It is a dreamy relaxing song, however, it is also motivating and exciting, which is hard to do. Nine Taurus provided the right Nine Anthems beat to go with the outstanding lyrics and chorus. This song will definitely survive the ages.

Fortunately for everyone all of the Spring Spark Up releases are still on 9Online. So keep the Spark Up Feeling by clicking the below links.

Click here for Spring Spark Up Show.

Click here for Kindness Is A Weakness.

Click here for Ride The Wave.

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Nine Remembers The Hera Vs Nine Taurus Rivalry


During the Glory Years there were many incredible Eras. But one of the most epic was the musical rivalry between Nine Taurus and Hera. This was a time before social media and before Nine Corporation had a web presence. Nine took a moment to stop by and talk about the legendary rivalry.

“At the time I didn’t realise it was a special era as for some reason you don’t realise it until you reminisce. We actually had a personal rivalry, within our relationship, which played out in every reply track.” Nine Says. “Many time I would come out the train station and people would say, have you heard the Hera track? You got killed. I would then listen and record an indirect response track, then meet her afterwards for a date.”

“Nine Corp’s recording equipment back then was primitive, but that seemed to add to the occasion as the recordings captured raw emotion of the songs. You would hear moments where Hera stamped on floor in anger in the songs, as she would literally record after we had an argument.”

It is generally agreed that Nine Taurus won the rivalry when he released Estate Life, although there were no direct or indirect responses to Hera in the song.

The rivalry generated much excitement in the community and helped to make that time more successful. It is doubtful that there will be another occasion like that again, even though the Freshface and Brad Lo rivalry was pretty interesting, but in this much more capable and global era, it is often good to look back on moments like these.

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