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Nine Talks About His Most Successful Artists


Many incredible artists have blessed Nine Music with incredible wonders. Nine Taurus recently sat down with The World team to talk about the most successful artists.


At a time when Nine Taurus was dominating, Hera was the only other artist who could rival him. She released singles that made her a headliner, before the term was used in the Nine Corporation. “She was really special” Nine adds at a party. “If we had the technology back then that we have now, I think people would look at UK rappers differently.”

Cuthbert 80

He was just featuring on projects for a while until he released his debut single in 2005. Cuthbert 80 was the only artist performing during the Great Depression. He then released his debut album in 2010 and continued to tour the performance circuit. “His album helped to resurrect the Nine Corporation after the Great Depression. Everyone new he had something special.”


He was one of the leading artists mid Sec Gen when he released the Truth Of Light, the album projected him to headliner status. He frequently performed at shows during a time when most artist were trying to get in a music video so they could be seen on satellite television. “His potential kept growing monthly. If he didn’t have to deal with some serious life challenges, who know where would be now.”

An unanswered question that lingers is, if they could take advantage of how great the Nine Corporation is right now, how would their talents fair.

Who knows…

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