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Wonder Weekend 2021 Round Up


It is safe to say that that was monumental Wonder Weekend, and rightly so, as it was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Nine Corporation. Before the festival even started, on September 9th, the Nine Corporation released a surprise video commemorating the early years of the media conglomerate.

Then, on September 10th, Wonder Weekend started with the release of Remember 2012. That was an important year in the Nine Corporation for many reasons, but mostly because of the release of the Nine Corporation Celebration album. This latest release of from the Remember series seems to be the biggest draw of Wonder Weekend.

The second release of Wonder Weekend was the brolic version of Cruel Love on 9Online. This is the 3rd release from The Ninth Wonder Of The World Special Edition 2 (Brolic) which is continuing to do well. The cover video, that accompanied the single, accentuates the lyrics and feel of the song, and has been received well by audiences.

Wonder Weekend’s final release was the brolic version of Blood. The original version of the song was the first song ever released by the Nine Corporation back in 1996. The new thicker sounding song has also been accompanied by a cover video that gives a deeper understanding of the feel of the song and the message behind the content.

Wonder Weekend did not fail to please this year. There was a nostalgic yet new feeling about it as the festival celebrated 10 years of Nine Corporation

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Click here to listen to Blood (Brolic)

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