What Makes Nine Corporation Unique As A Media Company And Record Label


Nine corporation is made up of Visual graphic artists, Journalists, Film makers, video game designers and Musical artists. Each and every one of them with their own completely unique and original fresh style.

Nine corporation run by Nine Simon aka “Nine Taurus” the beat producer and Rapper. Strongly and passionately encourages its artists and other members, whether they be Rappers, Singers, Beat producers and writers to be their individual selves and as Artists to have the completely freedom to express whatever they feel.

There are no limitations put on Artists, by that I mean there is no one standing over them with a finger pointed at them saying “You can’t say that” or “You’re not aloud to rap in that way”. Freedom of expression as an artist is a priceless jewel and its value should never be underestimated. And as I said Nine corporation completely encourages it.

My name is Clarity, the writer and rapper and I myself am one of the Nine corporation’s artists. So I can talk first hand with my own personal experience of being part of the company about how good it is to be one of its artists.

Nine Taurus after signing me to the label quite literally helped me find my own voice as a rapper. As I developed and got better as a writer and rapper I realised more and more that rapping is an absolute brilliant way of voicing your own opinions and feelings about what is going on in the world in these modern times. I discovered that rap music is a perfect way to send out a positive message to people that will hear your music. As an Artist I felt and still do feel to this day that if you are going to say something in a rap song that consists of your very own lyrics. Then you really should say something relevant, real, thought provoking and of course something that’s interesting to hear.

So this is why Nine corporation is unique as a record label and media company, because it doesn’t say to its members, its artists; you should rap about the stuff that all the current main stream rappers are waffling on about because that is what is selling at the moment around the globe. If you actually do take the time to think about it, is there really anything interesting about listening to a “Supposed” artist going on about; how much money they have in their bank account, how many flashy cars they own, how much their jewellery costs. It really is someone just saying “Look at me, look how great I am, I’m on TV so that means I’m so much cooler than anyone else”. In reality is that actually true? Of course it isn’t. Money can’t buy charisma or an interesting personality.

So Nine corporation says be yourself and stay true to who you are as an artist, there is no need to compromise or change what you write about just to fit in to the current music scene.

And my opinion at the end of the day as “Clarity” the musical artist and member of Nine corporation, real people would rather listen to music that is fun and interesting and even educational. Rather than verbal nonsense.

So that’s why Nine corporation is unique as a Media company because it’s real life. Made up of talented true people.

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2 thoughts on “What Makes Nine Corporation Unique As A Media Company And Record Label

  1. Cheryl lowe

    Very well said and relevant to today’s writers and rappers. People need to be able to express their opinions and beliefs without bowing down to and confirming to media pressure.

  2. Elaine French

    Found your aritcle very interesting – can understand the struggle to write new and relevant material without the restraints of the music labels.


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