Nine Corp’s Transformation


It is amazing how Nine Corporation has transformed from a street record label to a global media organisation. Those who have been following the Nine Corporation since 1996 will remember how rough and crazy the organisation, then known as the Nine Foundation, was. The rough times caused the Nine Music Crash, but when the Nine Corporation emerged, it boasted a website, releases on CDs, and polished movies and music videos.

The website became the heart of the Nine Corporation in 2003 when 9Online was launched. In fact, 9Online became the heart of the entire music scene as a lot of the top releases were on that platform. The Nine Corporation was completely different from the early years, its name officially changed from the Nine Foundation in 2004 as its operations resembled a corporation. The Nine Corporation Executive Administration was at full strength during this time, plus GYLE Records and Rebellious Records were releasing their debut products. This was a very exciting time especially after the release of Futile Tears and Nine Anthems – From The Dirt Came Forth Bread, as well as the Era Of The Three Tours, but then the Great Depression struck.

Everyone thought the Great Depression would be the end of the Nine Corporation, however, Nine Corporation did the unthinkable, and emerged in 2008. This time, the Nine Corporation had transformed again. The revolutionary NCEC was launched to be at the Heart Of The Nine Corporation’s Community, and 9Online was expanded. There were a series of big releases, like When He Came Around, War Toons, and The Nine Corporation Celebration Album, however, when The World was launched in 2013, it changed the Nine Corporation forever. The World helped to expand Nine Corporation’s reach to every corner of the globe, via social media.

Then followed the release of the Christmas songs, the monster release of The Awakening, and the festivals, and the rest was history….

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