Top 5 Videos On 9Online In June


Nine Corporation today has announced the top 5 videos that played on 9Online in June.

In May it was announced that Nine Corporation would trial rewarding the artists with the top videos with gems. The top videos for the month of June are.

  1. Ride The Wave
  2. Rise Up
  3. The Real Pandemic
  4. Femme Fatales
  5. We Don’t Sell Our Bums

The top 5 songs are by Nine Taurus, which is no surprise as he has been the most active artist during this coronavirus saga. The Real Pandemic was produced by Cally, so he will be share in the gem rewards for producing 3rd most played song on 9Online.

Nine Corporation announced that it will pause future top 5 video rewards until Nine Corper become active enough again to compete.

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