Top 5 Videos On 9Online In June


Nine Corporation today has announced the top 5 videos that played on 9Online in June.

In May it was announced that Nine Corporation would trial rewarding the artists with the top videos with gems. The top videos for the month of June are.

  1. Ride The Wave
  2. Rise Up
  3. The Real Pandemic
  4. Femme Fatales
  5. We Don’t Sell Our Bums

The top 5 songs are by Nine Taurus, which is no surprise as he has been the most active artist during this coronavirus saga. The Real Pandemic was produced by Cally, so he will be share in the gem rewards for producing 3rd most played song on 9Online.

Nine Corporation announced that it will pause future top 5 video rewards until Nine Corper become active enough again to compete.

Nine Talks About His Most Successful Artists


Many incredible artists have blessed Nine Music with incredible wonders. Nine Taurus recently sat down with The World team to talk about the most successful artists.


At a time when Nine Taurus was dominating, Hera was the only other artist who could rival him. She released singles that made her a headliner, before the term was used in the Nine Corporation. “She was really special” Nine adds at a party. “If we had the technology back then that we have now, I think people would look at UK rappers differently.”

Cuthbert 80

He was just featuring on projects for a while until he released his debut single in 2005. Cuthbert 80 was the only artist performing during the Great Depression. He then released his debut album in 2010 and continued to tour the performance circuit. “His album helped to resurrect the Nine Corporation after the Great Depression. Everyone new he had something special.”


He was one of the leading artists mid Sec Gen when he released the Truth Of Light, the album projected him to headliner status. He frequently performed at shows during a time when most artist were trying to get in a music video so they could be seen on satellite television. “His potential kept growing monthly. If he didn’t have to deal with some serious life challenges, who know where would be now.”

An unanswered question that lingers is, if they could take advantage of how great the Nine Corporation is right now, how would their talents fair.

Who knows…

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Nine Omni Beat Library Increasing


Nine Taurus has announced that he has been making more instrumentals for the Nine Omni beat library. This is in response to increase in demand for Nine Omni beats after releases like Christmas List, Christmas Spirit, and We Don’t Sell Our Bums.

Nine Taurus said that he wants to build the Nine Omni beat library so that there is a significant variety of beats.

Be sure to contact Nine Taurus or the Nine Corporation if you are interested in any Nine Omni beats.

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Top 5 9Online Videos To Get Gems


Nine Corporation has just announced that the artists who appear on the top 5 videos playing on 9Online will start to be rewarded with gems in June. At the beginning of July, the video views will be reviewed and the artists who appear on the video will share the gems that is awarded for that view.

This new scheme will be trialled for June in the interest of rewarding Nine Corpers who work hard to have popular videos.

Stay locked for updates.

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Nine Corp’s Transformation


It is amazing how Nine Corporation has transformed from a street record label to a global media organisation. Those who have been following the Nine Corporation since 1996 will remember how rough and crazy the organisation, then known as the Nine Foundation, was. The rough times caused the Nine Music Crash, but when the Nine Corporation emerged, it boasted a website, releases on CDs, and polished movies and music videos.

The website became the heart of the Nine Corporation in 2003 when 9Online was launched. In fact, 9Online became the heart of the entire music scene as a lot of the top releases were on that platform. The Nine Corporation was completely different from the early years, its name officially changed from the Nine Foundation in 2004 as its operations resembled a corporation. The Nine Corporation Executive Administration was at full strength during this time, plus GYLE Records and Rebellious Records were releasing their debut products. This was a very exciting time especially after the release of Futile Tears and Nine Anthems – From The Dirt Came Forth Bread, as well as the Era Of The Three Tours, but then the Great Depression struck.

Everyone thought the Great Depression would be the end of the Nine Corporation, however, Nine Corporation did the unthinkable, and emerged in 2008. This time, the Nine Corporation had transformed again. The revolutionary NCEC was launched to be at the Heart Of The Nine Corporation’s Community, and 9Online was expanded. There were a series of big releases, like When He Came Around, War Toons, and The Nine Corporation Celebration Album, however, when The World was launched in 2013, it changed the Nine Corporation forever. The World helped to expand Nine Corporation’s reach to every corner of the globe, via social media.

Then followed the release of the Christmas songs, the monster release of The Awakening, and the festivals, and the rest was history….

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